Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Icy shedworking

From Horden Cherry Lee architects who brought us the m-ch micro compact home, here is the m-igloo for icy shedworking. Designed by Ingrid Galitzdorfer and Christina Mueller, it's a two person antarctic bivouac and was inspired by snowmobiles and, maybe less guessable, penguins.

And from the same practise is the SkiHaus, above, a mobile alpine hut (or‘hard tent’) built from lightweight aluminium and weighing only 315 kg. The SkiHaus comes with self-sufficient energy systems powered by solar and wind generators and is designed to be lifted into position by helicopter. It has already been tested at nearly 4,000m up in the Swiss Alps and is being used as medical centres, for guide training and for skiers and climbers. This is how their site very poetically describes it:
"SkiHaus was conceived while skiing late and high in the Alps: evening sun, a beautiful, clear, starlit night, twinkling lights of the village in the valley, a reluctance to return: Would it be possible to stay here in the beautiful, cold silence?"

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