Friday, March 23, 2007

Sculpture and shedworking

Creativity and shedworking go together so it's not surprising that many sculptors have also been shedworkers. One of the most famous was Henry Moore who had several shed studios, none of them very showy, at his home in Perry Green which is now open to the public. They were converted from former sheds, stables and in one case a village shop, but all had good light and were fit for purpose, including good views of sheep. According to the Henry Moore Foundation, his sheds were: " the heart of the creative process, a place Moore could come to think, to work, and to get away from the activities and distractions elsewhere..." For more information go to their web site here.

You don't have to be Henry Moore to have your own studio of course. Bathsheba Grossman describes herself as an artist exploring how math, science and sculpture meet and works in two 10x12 studios in California."You don't necessarily need a lot of room to make art," she says. "These spaces are the size of office cubicles." You can take a peek at her work - and her sheds (pictured) - here.

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