Friday, March 09, 2007

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

I posted about the intriguing joint project between Apropos and the University of Salford earlier this week and the helpful Dr. Tuba Kocaturk Programme Coordinator, MSc in Digital Design, at Salford has told me a little more about the scheme."Any company with an interesting project in mind but not quite sure how to do it and if they need academic knowledge/support, may contact the KTP section (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) at our university. If the project is interesting and there are academics who are willing to join the project team, then we write a grant proposal together. The project is partly funded by the government, and partly by the company. So as the title implies, it is actually a true "knowledge transfer partnership" between the academy and the industry.

"I think the most interesting part of our new KTP project, for me, as an academic, is the challenge we face to come up with a modular garden office solution - as a new product line - and at the same time to try to develop new design methodologies which would allow us to produce customizable design solutions that could adjust to different contextual situations and interdisciplinary design constraints. We are also going to test how parametric design tools could help us achieve this."

The project has a three-year lifespan and I'll post updates here about its progress. For more information about the KTP scheme at Salford, click here.

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