Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Garden Office development job

The University of Salford via their School of Built Environment and bespoke glass/aluminium architectural design specialists Apropos Tectonic are advertising an interesting post, Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate to help "develop a Garden Office solution that has the simplicity, convenience and low maintenance of the modern, modular solutions, combined with sophisticated styling and aesthetic appeal of traditional products." The job spec blurb continues: "Supported by the Managing Director, the Associate will lead in improving current product design by investigating new materials, methods and technologies which will enable Apropos Tectonic to develop an affordable, low maintenance product that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. The impact of the KTP will help the company establish themselves as market leader in the Garden Office industry within the next 3 years. The successful applicant will register for a higher degree and will also complete an NVQ in Management." Market leader in 3 years. Now there's ambition for you. For more details, click here.

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