Friday, March 02, 2007

Convenient conveniences

When you're working away from the home or garden office/shed in a coffee shop (or pub) what matters most in your choice of location? To Sean Johnson, a key factor are the lavatory/bathroom/washroom/restroom/etc facilities. In an interesting post at his intentionally blog called Why Bathrooms Matter he writes: "The quality of restrooms represents a HUGE factor in my decision making process. In New York I was known to walk 40 blocks if necessary to find a place with a clean restroom. When getting settled in Chicago I visited every coffee shop in a three mile radius, keeping a mental checklist of places with nice johns and places that make portables look inviting...An unkempt lavatory makes my skin crawl. I need to feel comfortable during my workday, and I can’t handle feeling dirtier leaving the bathroom than I was going in."

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