Monday, March 12, 2007

Not everybody loves Bedouinworkers

We've talked about 'going bedouin' on the site before, particularly about coffee houses here and pubs here as 'Third Place' working points. And among recent articles on the subject is this one at the San Francisco Chronicle, Where Neo-Nomads' ideas percolate.

But perhaps we're going to start seeing a backlash. Not everybody thinks coffeeworking is such a great idea: in an article in another piece in the San Francisco Chronicle, Coffee klatch, one of the comments was this: "How about some perspective from other customers who are sick of folks on laptops turning cafes into work cubicles? I go out to coffee to GET AWAY FROM WORK. I don't want to have to listen you you jabber on about some dumb-ass work plan on your cell at the top of your lungs while i'm trying to relax. And don't get me started on the hours laptoppers are spending hogging the couches and tables. If you are going to telecommmute, have the decency to do so from the privacy of your own home. Don't turn relaxing cafes into your office, cheapskates."

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