Thursday, March 08, 2007

Choosing a shed - Apropos

There's an obvious difference between garden office 'sheds' and conservatories which is why the suppliers list in the lefthand column doesn't include any conservatory specialists. However, Apropos Tectonic , which I mentioned very briefly yesterday, may change my mind. As well as offering the usual range of glasshouses, conservatories and kitchen extensions, they also have a garden office in their portfolio (pictured). It's quite a different kind of look to most garden offices since Apropos are glass and aluminium specialists, which means the buildings are still tough but very light too.

It's a very informative site, especially if you are interested in the nuts and bolts of construction, but with handy explanations for the bodgers amongst us. So for example, on thermal break and efficiency, they say: "Until mid 2005 the apropos suite (then mk2) was thermally broken using the “pouring and de-bridging” method. However the ever more rigorous requirements for thermal efficiency coupled with our desire to retain the finest sight lines possible led to us switching to “rolled thermal break” technology. This involves the joining of two parent aluminium extrusions by the mechanical insertion of extruded polyamide strips in order to form a single complete thermally broken assembly."

Then add: "The key advantages are increased energy efficiency, increased thermal efficiency, environmentally cleaner."

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