Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New survey backs homeworking vs commuting

Most people want to homework, according to a new survy from snappily-titled collaborative communications solutions experts Polycom. According to the YouGov commissioned research which polled 1,200 UK office workers, 52% of respondents felt they would be happier in their jobs if they could spend less time travelling to work and 57% say they are less productive as a result of travelling for business. “Our study shows commuting takes longer and is more stressful than it was five years ago and people are less happy with their jobs as a result,” said Steve Leyland, Managing Director for EMEA, Polycom. “On top of a continued rise in public transport and fuel costs, the UK’s workers are feeling more pressure in their daily lives. Polycom believes IT directors, managers and other decision makers can play a valuable role in examining cost effective ways to enable more flexible working practices. By taking positive steps, such as providing audio and video conferencing and collaboration technologies that will allow employees to work remotely or from home, businesses can increase employee productivity while improving job satisfaction.”

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