Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Choosing a shed - Eco-pod (web site updated)

We've talked about crossover sheds before on the site, but here's an example of something which is more at the home end of the scale rather than the potting shed. The Eco Pod, which has been on show this week at the National Homebuilding and Renovating Show in Birmingham, can be used as a home but also as office space and is built using polyurethane panels in segments (80mm or 100mm thick). This shell is then bolted to a lightweight reinforced concrete floor with underfloor heating incorporated. As well as a 'normal' model with mains electrics, water, etc, there is an off-grid model which comes with wind turbine, solar and PV panels, a dry toilet and waste recycling facility. Eco-pods are available in two models but it's the Eco-Pod 4 which is probably best suited to shedworking, 4mx6.5m (including 1m high basement) and it comes with a kitchen, living room and bathroom with a bedroom on the first floor.

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