Friday, March 09, 2007

Intellectual Property

The British Library is using this marvellous image to promote its Business and IP Centre. This is what it says on an important subject which SMEs often overlook."Intellectual property, or IP, lets people ‘own’ their ideas in the same way they can own, protect, sell or rent other kinds of property. While IP can be a complex subject, it touches on many parts of modern life – such as downloading music from the web – and it can be very important to small businesses and entrepreneurs. If you have an idea or an invention that you think could ‘sell’ or ‘hire out’, or if you are in the business of being creative, you need to understand IP. Someone might have ‘got there first’. If not, you need to take steps to protect and make the most of your property." You can find out lots more at their site here. Thanks to Felix Bennett for the shed alert.

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