Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Choosing a shed – Zen Cabins

Sedburgh-based Zen Cabins market themselves as providing 'Ecological Garden Offices and Studios' and indeed there is a strong touchy-feely element on the site (such as the many inspiring quotes scattered around) not normally associated with garden office suppliers. There are three standard models but also a bespoke service. Nice touches include adjustable steel shoe foundations bearing on specially designed pads and a 175mm deep curved roof clad in zinc coated aluminium with standing seams. The roof is also fitted with a foil layer to reflect solar gain and keep the building cool in summer. All timber used is from FSC approved sustainable sources and indeed the cabins are designed to be energy efficient, use non-toxic and sustainable materials and be 100% recyclable. Interesting options include heat and power supply via wind turbine, solar panels and wood-burning stove and the 'Future developments' section sounds very tempting since it includes the possibility of a glazed atrium, a jacuzzi and a mezzanine incorporating a sleeping platform.


  1. Anonymous8:07 PM

    It looks like a shed and at 20 thousand pounds my god thats the price of a house in the usa it also looks like a poor copy of some other products which are true to form, is it 100% recyclable i dont think so

  2. I don't think you could get much of a house for $40,000 could you? Not cheap, I grant you, but look at the price for an extension or a loft conversion? Or even how much it would cost you to move house to get an extra room. Which bits do you think are not recylcable?