Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moveable type: mobile print shop

Kyle Durrie has a marvellous project called Moveable Type which is currently being crowdsource-funded on the admirable Kickstarter. As the video above explains, her goal is to build a mobile print shop in the back of an old delivery truck, with a small table top press for printing smaller work and a larger proof press capable of printing larger posters. She then plans to travel around schools, parks, festivals, art spaces and craft shows, teaching the art of printing. Here's what Kyle says:
I find printing to be such an empowering action, and it's also just really fun to do. I want to share it with other people. And letterpress printing, specifically, has so much history and tradition behind it. I think it's a really powerful contrast to today's computerized world, and can actually serve as a useful tool to better understand that world.
Money raised through Kickstart - click here for details on how you can contribute and what free goodies you can get - will finance getting the project off the ground but running costs will be met by workshops and talks which Kyle plans to give while on tour from June 2011 for at least six months. Well worth investigating.
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