Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three ways to keep your garden office warm

Paul Taunton from The Home Office Company (pictured above) gives us his three top tops for keeping warm while you're shedworking:

1) Keep an eye out for the likes of Pilkington K-glass, one of the toughest and best insulated glazing solutions available

2) Insulated walls, floors and ceilings should be at the top of your shopping list: all-round insulation is a must to keep your garden office usable throughout the year (and also gives superb sound insulation if you have a musician in the family)

3) Don’t think that thick walls are the answer - some of the best insulation materials are less than three inches thick and give the same or better insulation than walls approaching 12 inches in thickness plus you don’t lose masses of floor space
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1 comment:

  1. The "value" of insulation depends upon many things, including the installers ability to use the material correctly.
    the best way to check the insulation qualities of a garden office is to ask the manufacturer/builder for the R values/U values of the walls floor and roof of the particular building you want to buy. The number and size of windows and doors affect these values. All the surfaces within the building count - the exterior cladding, the type of vapour barrier, the insulation material, the inner wall.
    Many of the very thin, multi-layered insulation materials are not recongnised by building control as having aqny use in walls and floors, they are only designed and tested for ceilings.
    more technical info is available here