Thursday, November 04, 2010

Peerdrum: is it as evil as we thought?

Welcome to Peerdrum from TG Studios on Vimeo.

Last month we gave new web app Peerdrum a bit of a slating (and our feelings were echoed by you in the comments section). But it seems fair to give Peerdrum to put their side of the story. Here's how they sum up the application:
Summary - Manager:
If you want to be able to scrutinize your team’s every move, we’re not for you. There are plenty of other apps out there for that. However, if you’d like something to help minimize remote worker concerns, welcome to Margaritaville.

Summary - Teleworker:
If you’re in the habit of billing clients for time you’re not working, then we’re not for you. If you can benefit from sharing your progress while you work, or if you work the hours you bill and are proud to prove it, we love you long time.
You can read more about their thoughts on the subject at their blog (where they rather flatter Shedworking by confusing us with Treehugger). Again, your comments are very welcome.
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