Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Business Nomad

At a time when predictions about the future of newspapers are not at their chirpiest, it takes considerable boldness to launch a new title - The Business Nomad - which is aimed squarely at people who work from home and in garden offices. The paper is founded by two wellknown homeworking cheerleaders and friends of Shedworking, Fay Easton and Dave Howell. But why a newspaper? Here's what they say:
"The Business Nomad grew out of a realisation that there was no journal that specifically supported the millions of people that do work from home now and will in the near future. Occasional features appear in newspapers and specialist magazines, but this information is often missed or overlooked by the very people that could make the most of it."
The Business Nomad will be published bimonthly with a view to going monthly and there will also be a digital edition plus a dedicated website. The first issue should be out before Christmas.
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  1. Thanks Alex for providing the global launchpad for The Business Nomad, as ever, your support for all things home-entrepreneurialis much appreciated. Whilst you have now also allowing me to find my perfect NEXT garden office [yes am on the move as you know] and I just love the 'coloured' version - its on my Christmas List right now!

  2. I can't decide which is sillier, a real newspaper talking about working virtually or The startup kit that you described earlier with £30 of Google AdWords. Surely we don't have room for these things in our sheds!