Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Arc

Room4-you have recently finished designing and building one of their Arc range models for a client in Cornwall. It's a bespoke 6.8m x 4m with standard casement windows and a single glazed door, finished with Siberian Larch cladding, slate grey UPVC windows, an engineered oak floor and fully decorated plasterboard interior. There's also an en-suite shower room making it a selfcontained unit.
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  1. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Room4You have created a beautiful space for us with a garden study with phone and internet and a guest bedroom with bathroom. The assorted Yorkshire craftsmen who did the job were a pleasure to have around, always friendly and polite, never downhearted, generous with little last minute changes and democratic enough that tow of the directors were out there digging pilings!!!

    Ours is a difficult site on a steep hill with limited access but their prefabricated system worked a treat and the interior finish was all of a high standard, according to how we wanted it. They also created a raised decking balcony from which we can see the sun going down over the sea and with the spare wood they generously made a cute bench structure for display plants to sit on.

    We were never disappointed, right up to the snagging phase; there was never any sense of not getting good value or being treated like punters. In fact this installation is easily the happiest time I have ever had with any kind of contractors coming to my home and I cannot recommend them enough.

    The cabin, it goes without saying, is the envy of everyone who sets eyes on it. Oh, and it's warmer than the house itself when there's frost on the ground.