Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shedworkers happier than those in 'traditional' offices: report

Shedworkers and other people who work from home most of the week are more satisfied and less stressed than those working mostly in the office, claims a new study at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee conducted by professor of communication studies Kathryn Fonner.

The main benefit reported by those who work from home at least three days a week was better work-life balance while alienation from workplace communication, frequently mentioned as a major disadvantage of homeworking, was reported as minimal. Indeed, those working outside the office were largely shielded from distracting and stressful aspects of the workplace, such as office politics, interruptions, constant meetings and information overload. Fonner pointed out: 

“Our findings emphasise the advantages of restricted face-to-face interaction, and also highlight the need for organisations to identify and address the problematic and unsatisfying issues inherent in collocated work environments. With lower stress and fewer distractions, employees can prevent work from seeping into their personal lives.”

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