Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fitting a garden office into your business life

Daryl Willcox is a highly respected journalist and online media expert whose company provides information services for journalists and public relations professionals (as well as a nice free service for SMEs). So we were delighted to discover that Daryl is embarking on a garden office build and will be documenting it on Twitter in words and photos - see above for the latest development.

He talks about his reasons for going down the shedworking route at his blog here including his thoughts on aesthetics (and is kind enough to say he was partly inspired by the Shedworking book). It certainly sounds attractive but I was particularly intrigued by how the finished building will fit into Daryl's worklife. Here's what he says:
"I work from home quite a lot. Not that I need to - the main DWPub office is in Croydon, only just over an hour from home by train, and I also have an office in Brighton (we operate this as serviced offices), which is around 40 minutes from home by car, or less than half an hour by motorbike."
In short, the garden office will be part of a working setup which underlines that working practices in the 21st century can be as flexible as you choose.
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