Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wendy Holden: shedworker (video)

Novelist Wendy Holden (described on her site as a "modern day Jilly Cooper") shows us around her garden office and her marvellous views. A lovely video which really sells the shedworking ideal. Here's what she says about it:
"I gave up the struggle to commute from London to the country every weekend and moved full-time to Derbyshire where we live in a former Victorian gardener’s lodge built in the shape of a tiny castle. Just the place for a spinner of romantic yarns! My favourite place to write is in the hut in my garden. It's a small, green-painted wooden summer house with a pink phone and no heating apart from an ancient plug-in radiator. There's no internet connection either. But I love it, even if, in winter, I arrive to find the water in my Evian bottle has frozen! It has a chaise longue, a sofa, a bead-fringed lampshade and fairy lights all round the walls. There's a turntable and lots of LPs and the wooden walls are crammed with prints and paintings. I've even managed to squeeze a desk and computer in there as well. The French windows open on to a deck, where I drink cocktails with my husband in the summer (after work, obviously). We stand on the deck looking out across the valley below, or back at the summer house with its pretty lights. It's the perfect place to write, not to mention drink."
Wendy also writes a blog at her site which is well worth a browse.
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