Monday, November 08, 2010

Solar powered shed

We've mentioned Graham Burnett's selfbuild before and knowing how keen he is on environmentally friendly solutions we were delighted to hear from him that he is now running his garden office using solar power (enough for lighting and laptop though not yet heating). Graham writes:
"One of the things that put me off getting it together with own system was nervousness about messing it up, I found most of the books on the subject quite intimidating and confusing, but in the end I just decided to go for it and it wasn’t that complicated at all."
You can read more about it at his Humble Designs blog where he shares lots more photos of how he put it all together - it's pictured above with the PV panels clearly visible - as well as details of his new shingle roof.
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  1. It's so good to find solar power related shed information. The way forward to help save the world, with so many sheds always being built around the world.