Monday, November 22, 2010

The Garden Escape 4 Schools

We regularly argue on Shedworking that children need sheds too and one of the companies which wholeheartedly agrees is The Garden Escape 4 Schools. A sister brand to The Garden Escape which specialises in garden offices, the 4 Schools arm of the company builds bespoke mobile school buildings out of wood and glass for a range of uses such as outdoor classrooms, IT suites, kitchens, staff rooms, and so on. There are also various eco-friendly elements too such as the PV Solar power option whereby one small panel on the new school building can generate its own electricity. Matt Gill from Garden Escape says:
An ever-growing number of schools and educational establishments are now discovering the real advantages of the 'outside' mobile classroom. It has been proven that attractive, accessible and inclusive design of school buildings is beneficial for students of all ages and academic skill. This is especially true for children and young people with SEN and other disabilities where the school environment can have a decisive impact on their learning ability.
The web site is excellently put together with a mass of information on everything from the basics of the build to funding possibilities.

Pictured top is The Garden Escape 4 Schools's woodland cabin for Spinnens Acre Junior School in Kent, officially unveiled by Chris Packham, and situated right at the foot of their local woods. It certainly doesn't look like most people's idea of a portable classroom building and also features a kitchen, disable lavatories and AV facility. Also pictured is an attractive design for a school in Whitchurch.
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