Monday, December 04, 2006

Prefab Friday

I've referred to before but they're such an interesting set-up that they deserve more than a passing mention, and for one reason in particular which I'll come to later. Essentially, it's a blog focusing in a very broad sense on the latest in design and architecture, especially home design and with an emphasis on green and sustainable construction. Or as they put it: "With an interest in design innovations that enhance sustainability, efficiency, and interactivity in the home, Inhabitat’s attention is focused on objects and spaces that are eco-friendly, multi-purpose, modular, and/or interactive. We believe that good design balances substance with style."

It's a marvellously tempting site, truly international, with tremendous pictures and you can get absolutely lost in it simply browsing around. The writing is good too, passionate but not absurdly over the top as is sometimes the case with design journalism. But I'd recommend dropping in at the end of every week for what they enticingly call Prefab Friday. Each Friday they look at something prefabricated, mainly homes, but quite often buildings which either are or could double up as garden offices.

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