Friday, December 29, 2006

Thank you and Happy New Year

Nothing more until January 2 but just a quick word to say thank you to everybody who's been reading, commenting on and recommending these pages over the last three months since I started writing: October was a good launch month, hits then trebled in November, and have continued to rise in December. Particular thanks to Adrian Murdoch of Bread and Circuses for inspiration, Emma Jones and San Sharma from Enterprise Nation for their friendly homeworking knowhow, and Uncle Wilco from Readersheds for general support. Thanks too to all the garden office suppliers who have contacted me with their good wishes and to the many, many bloggers whose personal views and clever thoughts about homeworking I have mentioned/pinched.


  1. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Have a great Hogmanay! The best to you and the family.

  2. And to all the Murdochs. Hope 2007 is a nice, quiet and restful one for you...