Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Homeworking dress code

What everybody else wears to home work is a subject of endless discussion and some welcome confessions in this article at the American site of Bellaonline by Deborah Crawford. She is very much not a full suit in the garden office kind of person. Essentially she just buys a lot fewer shoes, trousers and jackets than she did for a 'normal' office and only dresses up on days when she meets clients. On homeworking days she goes for shorts and t-shirts in the spring/summer and layers up with lots of socks in winter: "Colors, fabrics, and design—all up to the individual business owner. How cool is that? You decide if paisley goes with stripes, or if blue goes with violet." I like the abandon of this but was particularly taken with her goal of paying no more than $8 for any item of homeworking uniform.

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