Monday, December 04, 2006

Virtual home office

You could always set something up in Second Life (are there homeworkers there too?) but the concept of a virtual home office is becoming increasingly popular, both in the UK and the USA. Essentially, companies such as The Virtual Office Group (which has bricks and mortar offices in London, Bristol, Edinburgh and even Canada) and Davinci mean that you can be working away in your garden office or sofa, but at the same time giving the impression of a 'normal' office situation with features such as a professional receptionist services, appointment scheduling, order processing and - I particularly like this - postal addresses in a neighbourhood or city of your choice. "First impressions can be everything," says Davinci President/CEO Bill Grodnik. "We run a client's office, while they run their business." Most of these companies also provide meeting room spaces if you don't have room in your shed to entertain clients (though it's never stopped me).

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