Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cheaper rail tickets for homeworkers

Commenting on the latest National Rail Trends published yesterday by the Office of Rail Regulation, The Times says here that rail commuters who work at home for a day or two every week will be able to buy cheaper season tickets as the networks battle overcrowding. South West Trains, which carries 440,000 passengers a day, will start the scheme from January 2009. Stewart Palmer, managing director of South West Trains, said it would take only a small proportion of passengers working at home for a day to make a significant difference to overcrowding.

On the subject of travel, a new survey by Monstersays suggests that 46% of UK employees will work during the festive season. "Some industries and professions require staff to work through the festive period,” commented Alan Townsend, COO, Monster UK and Ireland. “However, the introduction of homeworking and better communications has reduced the need to travel into work during this period. Employers have to do a tremendous amount now to balance their needs with that of their employees to ensure they attract and retain the best people. Work life balance is increasingly becoming a more important part of the job requirement for job seekers"

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