Monday, December 04, 2006

Case studies - Woolley & Co

10 years ago, the idea of a homeworking lawyer would have been largely unthinkable (especially among the 'Magic Circle' of firms in the City), but Andrew Woolley, founder of Woolley & Co, has shown that it is very possible indeed, as this article at the Enterprise Nation web site shows. Since 1996, Woolley has been running a successful 'virtual' law firm with no offices. “When I started this business I wanted to strip out a layer of administration costs and costs associated with offices," he says. "To see the money that law firms get in each month and then what goes out on their premises and office costs is astounding. Do you really need an office on the high street to attract the right type of client?” The firm now has 10 lawyers located from Derby to Bath, all working from home offices and specialising in either business or divorce law. Woolley claims the homeworking ethos has helped with client acquisition as well as retention with e-commerce companies in particular choosing the firm.

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