Friday, December 08, 2006

Case studies - Best Buy Co

There's a detailed account of how major electronics giant Minneapolis-based Best Buy has completely altered its working structures in Business Week. They call their strategy ROWE, for "results-only work environment" with performance based on success instead of hours. As Business Week putsw it: "Workers pulling into the company's amenity-packed headquarters at 2 p.m. aren't considered late. Nor are those pulling out at 2 p.m. seen as leaving early. There are no schedules. No mandatory meetings. No impression-management hustles. Work is no longer a place where you go, but something you do. It's O.K. to take conference calls while you hunt, collaborate from your lakeside cabin, or log on after dinner so you can spend the afternoon with your kid." The article also says that:
* at IBM, 40% of the workforce has no official office
* Sun Microsystems Inc has saved $400 million over six years in real estate costs by allowing nearly half of all employees to work anywhere they want
* Best Buy productivity is up an average 35% in departments that have switched to ROWE

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