Friday, December 08, 2006

Peace and quiet

One of the joys of homeworking is that there are no other fools around to get in your way. Two nice examples of what this can mean are at Andrew Cencini's blog who talks about the pleasure of looking out of his window at a nice tree and listening to birdsong and at Steve Richards' always interesting Adventures in Home Working blog where he talks about concentration, music and meditation. Steve frequently writes about homeworking issues, especially technical/design ones, so it's worth taking a look at his site regularly (it's in the links bar on the left hand column). Here he is on the power of music: "Just by chance last week I was listening to music set to random and some meditation music started playing, I rapidly noticed that my concentration improved, particularly the time I could concentrate for increased any my typing speed nearly doubled. I was pretty shocked that music could have such a significant effect so I tried again a couple of days later and it worked. I am now planning to build it into my normal working practice."

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