Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Coffee shops are the new home offices

I’ve posted here before about the idea of ‘third place’ working, the American concept of working somewhere that’s not at home but not in an office, i.e. usually a coffee shop. On the basis that something similar is bound to happen over here in the UK, it’s worth having a long look at Jackson West’s comments at Web Worker Daily where he discusses this trend for coffee shops to actually become like ‘real’ offices – particularly as regards San Francisco - and links to various other blogs which have commented on the idea of ‘going bedouin’ as they put it. Among the most interesting is this one at Coffee To The People which discusses this kind of work from the point of view of a coffee shop owner (he’s obviously not keen on people working all day and buying one coffee) and this one at Gregor J. Rothfuss which goes one step further and suggests that coffee houses should actually consider renting out ‘office’ space.

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