Monday, December 04, 2006

Homeworking in your loft

If the idea of a garden office isn't tempting for whatever reason, the possibility of using/converting your loft space will probably be among your first thoughts if you're considering homeworking. An excellent rundown of points to consider by Mark Brinkley at the Homebuilding Show site here which looks at:
* Loft conversion suitability assessment
* Loft conversions and planning issues
* Building regulations
* Loft conversion build routes
* Loft conversion costs
* Using the roof space in your self build home
* Useful loft conversion contacts
It's worth having a look around the rest of the site too which is really informative and clearly written. There are Homebuilding and Renovating Shows around the country throughout the year - the next one is at the NEC Birmingham 22-25 March 2007.

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