Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Choosing a shed – Ceroko

The stylish Ceroko comes from Garden Commuters of Harrogate and has a particular attractive picture window front wall to give a roomy, light feel. It is built on a steel frame set on concrete piles with the modular framework on top. Outside, it’s got a Western Redwood cedar exterior cladding and inside the doors and windows are made from Iroko hardwood. Flooring options include engineered oak, solid wood or carpet. The roof is a single ply polymeric membrane (though there is a green sedum option) with a gutter which can be run into a water butt. There’s a 10 year warranty on the Ceroko, 20 years on the roof and one year on the parts fitted. There are four main styles as well as a bespoke service.


  1. Don't understand this design - and neither do their representatives from all I can tell. Two adjacent doors? What use? Had the company round for a site visit and they inspired zero confidence in me, I'm afraid. Took several weeks to get a quote to me and never followed up. Can't say I was impressed.

  2. In response to the comments made by Nicholas

    Garden Commuters have had no complaints from any of the clients for whom we have supplied Garden rooms and anyone who has seen our office at several Grand Design Shows will know that they are of the very highest quality.

    Regarding the design this can be altered to the clients requirements, indeed we specialise in the production of Bespoke Models.

    I would welcome an opportunity to contact ‘Nicholas’ to discuss his other comments, but unfortunately he has chosen to remain anonymous

    Both the service we offer and the quality of our products are second to none and I am surprised by the very misleading comments made by Nicholas.

    Simon Locke
    Garden Commuters of Harrogate

  3. Yes, I'd have to say that not only do I like the look of the design, I've heard no bad reports about the company (quite the contrary).