Monday, December 18, 2006

Choosing a shed - Ardis

"Forget conventional timber buildings," say Ardis Garden Offices who offer a range of six garden office/'sheds' which come complete with furniture as well as heating/lighting. They desribe their range as being designed to maximise space using the highest quality Italian ergonomic modular furniture. It's a useful web site with plenty of images of the Ardis in situ and of exactly which bits of furniture go where. What makes the Ardis tempting is that the modular flat panel construction means that you can make your Ardis bigger in the future if you want to expand. If you want to start big in the first place, go for their Space+ model which is 12m x 3m (40' x 10') and has two areas, one for your workspace and the other for a meeting area (or maybe snooker table?).

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