Thursday, November 23, 2006

Shed/garden office planning permission

Whether you need planning permission for your garden office is always a murky area (see previous posts). A recent example as reported on under the headline Shock as shed is deemed 'harmful' to area's character tells the story of industrial engineer Mike Howard who "was shocked when he was told he needed planning permission for his garden shed" which he uses as an office, store and playroom and now faces the possibility of being forced to pull down the structure worth around £2,500

He said: "I had no idea we needed planning permission. There are other sheds and structures just as large here and they haven't had planning permission. But it seems it is all right until someone complains, and in my case someone did."

Mike's appeal against West Berkshire Council's refusal to give him permission for the shed was turned down - the ruling said the shed/office was built part way up the sloping garden which "gives it a dominant and dis-proportionate appearance" which harmed the character and appearance of the area.

Mike's resonse? "I am not letting it rest here. Apparently development rights on this estate were withdrawn and this is buried in a document dating back to 1990. I will be taking the matter up with my solicitors and the council to see what can be done to avoid having to take the shed down. Surely it is everyone's right to have a garden shed?"


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    have I seen that story before?

  2. Yep, I suspect you've seen it at:

    And as you say, it's also on the marvellous sheds blog (also see

  3. At Cabin Living we strongly advise clients to get written approval even when planning is not required. Planning often is not necessary but there are a few basic rules you need to follow.

  4. As a relative newcomer to the industry room4-you offers exceptional levels of service. This includes providing all our customers with a letter to send off to their planning authority requesting confirmation that they can construct their Unique Outdoor Room.

  5. The photos and the editorial were superb, I had just been browsing the pages looking at old sheds this is interesting.All this work is done with wood. Ah yes, Sheds can be wonderful places. One of my earliest memories is of an old earth floor shed.