Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Choosing a shed – The Qube

The world of garden offices is largely divided between ones which look very much like sheds and ones which try very hard not to look like sheds. The Qube falls very much into the second category as you can see. With a Western Red Cedar external cladding, it's built with structural insulated panels then plasterboarded and skimmed, ready to be painted. The doors are bi-fold aluminium that can be fully opened. The Qube is positioned on height adjustable legs which are fitted onto concrete pads. The adjustable legs go from 50 - 600mm so the Qube can be fitted onto uneven surfaces.

Interesting options include having it over more than one storey (two will require planning permission - see earlier blog about Paul McCartney) or, and I really like this idea, a roof deck with a staircase up from the office. They also offer an optional kitchenette, a 550mm base unit with work surface and Zip tap (whatever that is), which gives instant hot water for tea, coffee and filtered chilled water, both from the same tap.

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