Tuesday, November 21, 2006

National Group on Homeworking UK

If you haven't already come across the National Group on Homeworking, it's worth having a look around their website at National Group on Homeworking UK. They offer advice and support for homeworkers, and those employing homeworkers in the United Kingdom. NGH is the only National Government Organisation working solely on homeworking issues, working at a national, regional and local level with organisations and individuals who wish to address the concerns of homeworkers. It claims to be the national voice on homeworking. NGH is a membership organisation with members including homeworkers, local homeworking initiatives, advice agencies, trade unions, small business advisors, church organisations, local authorities and policy makers.

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  1. This link now goes to a page called "Running a business from home" and their page states that the website is not related to the old NGH website.