Monday, November 27, 2006

Choosing a shed – Eco Space Studios

Sometimes it's hard to choose which garden office/shed would suit you best, but if you are looking for something environmentally sound as well as attractive, you should take a look at Eco Space Studios. The studios come with green roofs (see earlier posts for sedum roof details - Eco's roof garden includes mosses, succulents, herbaceous plants and grasses) and are made from sustainable Red Western Cedar timber. Eco Space also provide a 'Dalsouple' rubber floor, available in 70 different colours, which is not only hardwearing but has an excellent level of environmental protection, is free from pvc and can be recycled. There are also various enticing options including shower, kitchen and mezzanine level rest/chillout pad - this is very much part of the growing trend towards live/work areas. You can also download a useful pdf brochure from the site which contains lots of beguiling pictures of the studios, including a nice snowy one.

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