Thursday, November 09, 2006

Your homeworking space – Hot-Cool-Phat?

I’m not usually a self-help book person, but I came across this quote from Tom Peters in his handbag-sized book Professional Service Firm 50 from his Reinventing Work series which I think all homeworkers will enjoy. The grammar and syntax are all his..

‘I love the term ‘studio’ for it all conjures up: a place … most likely a highly idiosyncratic place … dedicated to a specific creative endeavor. A studio is a setting where “seriously coll” work gets done. A studio isn’t just a room; it is a “charged” place that aids and abets the work, that stimulates and inspires the creator(s), that provides a safe haven where the muses can flourish. (And wounds can be licked.) My own take: Space matters! A lot! (A lot more than most of us think).

‘If we want to produce Rockin’ Stuff, we need a Rockin’ Space. Fact: Most bosses pay far too little attention to space. If a “place” vibrates, then the odds go up – dramatically! – that you and I who inhabit it will “vibrate” as well.

‘So: I beg you to “think about” space. If “it” is dull and dreary, so, too, will be the projects produced therein. If “it” is Hot-Cool-Phat … well … the odds do go (way) up that the projects produced therein will be … Hot-Cool-Phat.’

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