Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Proper coffee for shed and homeworkers

Unless you have an unusually capacious desk, making coffee means a trip to the kitchen. What you need is a desktop coffee maker and I'd recommend Russell Hobbs’ One Cup Satin Coffee Maker which makes, um, one cup of filter coffee at a time. It’s speedy and quite tasty. Although the titchy double skinned stainless steel mug does take a little getting used to, it keeps the coffee nicely warmed.

The kit comes with a permanent filter, has a 160ml water capacity (i.e. one small cup) and a helpful neon indicator to tell you when the machine is on, just in case you hadn’t guessed. It all comes apart easily too so it’s not too fiddly to clean if you absolutely insist on it. Expect to pay around £10 (it’s on sale at Amazon.

Coffee extra.

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