Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Home Office Lawyer blog

I've just come across this excellent site, Home Office Lawyer by Kansas-based lawyer Grant Griffiths. There's plenty about the world of law but also a lot of interesting comments about working from home. His profile is particularly interesting:

"My law office is a little different than you might expect. I do not have an ivory tower office. In fact, I have my office in a wonderful work space in my basement. Which is why I require an appointment to see me. The only time you will see me in a suit and tie is in court. I just don't like to wear suits and I won't wear a suit in my office. There may be times early in the morning when you might call my office, and I will be at my desk enjoying a cup of coffee and wearing my favorite sweat suit. Or you may find me sitting on my patio in my back yard using my wireless network working on cases or posting to my blog. My staff includes a paralegal who has over 20 years of experience. She also does not go to an office to work. My paralegal and I communicate by phone, email and internet. I email her dictation files to draft and she will email them back to me. The savings in overhead cost can be reflected in the amount I charge for my services. I also have a business manager that works for me part time."

I very much like his writing style and I'd certainly recommend having a look around his blog. Here's his ten ways to tell if you've outgrown your home office:

1. Can you walk to your desk without tripping over something?
2. Are you hemmed in by filing cabinets and shelving units?
3. Have you taken over your children’s closets?
4. Does the living room look like an extension of your office?
5. Do you have to move a pile of papers off of your printer to use it?
6. When was the last time you saw the surface of your desk?
7. Do you have to move boxes off of chairs when company comes over?
8. Does your entire house look like an office building
9. Does family members roll their eyes when they see you bringing in more equipment?
10. Do you dread going into the “pit” that has become your office?

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