Monday, November 06, 2006

Homeworking/shedworking in 2016

The folk at the Orange Future Enterprise coalition have come up with four possible scenarios of how we'll be working in 2016, though they point out that some kind of combination of the four is more likely. The three of interest to homeworkers (the fourth is basically a status quo of commuting to centralised offices) are:

Electronic cottages
Many employees working at home or making tiny commutes to a hub office with working life better integrated into life in general with flexible working schedules and increased connection to local communities.

Nothing to do with being more like Harrison Ford, much more like being a freelance consultant with a portfolio career. Working life would be more unpredictable and insecure but with more freedom of choice about working patterns.

Mutual Worlds
More co-ops, fewer vast companies with almost no commuting and more local initiatives

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