Friday, November 03, 2006

Look and Learn

It's not strictly anything to do with homeworking or sheds, but perhaps it is something that you can enjoy during a coffee break. If you remember reading Look and Learn magazine as a child (or indeed as a grownup), you'll be pleased to know that it is about to be reprinted and you can now subscribe at Look and Learn.

Or as the publishers put it: "Those with subscriptions will receive a welcome pack in early December followed by 24 issues of the new series in 2007, and 24 in 2008. The welcome pack will consist of a facsimile of the first ever issue of Look and Learn from 1962 complete with its beautiful 'Where and When' presentation booklet. The new 24-page fortnightly magazine, which is being printed to have the same look and feel as the original, has been conceived as a miscellany of astonishing range and a showcase for the brilliant illustrators who worked on the magazine during its 20-year history - but, above all, it simply aims
to be the best of the world's best ever children's magazine."

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