Thursday, November 30, 2006


Secondly, there are home offices and there are home offices. And then there are geodesic domes. How can you not like something like the solardome (pictured) which, with its panels of glass set in aluminium, catches all the available light with maximum efficiency, and thus creates its own micro-climate? The folk at Solardome are also very excited about their product, suggesting that inside the domes, ”plants flourish just as they did in the Garden of Eden.” Selling points include being light, airy and lockable and if you’re good at DIY you can put it together yourself.

If you like this kind of thing, do have a look at a roundup of similar structures at which features the 02 Sustainability Treehouse suspended by steel cables and built with 100% sustainable materials and without nails or bolts so it does not hurt the tree. Inhabit is also a great site for browsing when you have a spare Friday afternoon.

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