Friday, November 24, 2006

Homeworking headphones

Today's issue of The Guardian has a piece about headphones to use with your computer in their Business Sense pullout. Their suggestion for the home worker is the Jabra BT620s. "These are elegant headphones," says writer Guy Clapperton, "for anyone who wants to listen to music yet still be alerted whenever their IP phone or mobile goes off. The sound quality is excellent for the size of phones and they're comfortable to use - although they're not adjustable. The concealed microphone is a nice touch as long as your needs are relatively simple. Making calls is fine, but for podcasting you'd need to spend more money...For the mobile user who wants the option of automatic call alerts while listening to music, this is an excellent option."

As I type, it's not up on their website but if you click the above link the whole article should be in the next day or two with all the other recommendations for executives, travellers, etc. More about the Jabra's range at their website here.

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