Thursday, November 02, 2006

How to personalise the outside of your home office/shed

There’s no better way of personalising your shed - and indeed of working out which direction the wind is coming from - than with a weathervane. Of course you can always buy one off the shelf but consider commissioning a special one from a vane expert such as the industrious folk at the very aptly-titled who have produced everything from witches to the Taj Mahal.

Though touching, there’s something a little impermanent about personalising your shed - or shedlike atmosphere - solely with photos, screensavers and mouse mats of loved ones and family members. Instead, why not invest in something more durable, a stained glass window. For a range of possibilities try Stained Glasswork, a company run from the New Forest National Park by Shelagh Davies, an experienced artist who produces windows and panels using traditional techniques. You can install them as part of double glazed windows, sealing the stained glass window inside the whole unit. And the beauty is that it doesn’t have to be an enormous beast: the window pictured is just 350mm x 500mm.

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