Thursday, November 02, 2006

Music While You Work - online radio

If you haven't already discovered the delights of online radio stations, it's worth investigating what's out there. One of the biggest names in radio, the BBC, has a very successful online radio presence which also includes a facility which allows you to listen to programmes up to seven days after they have been broadcast so you can choose when to listen at a convenient time on demand. So, for example, I listen to the Early Music Show (broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays on Radio 3 when I’m often not close to a radio) on Mondays and Tuesdays.

An easy way to make your own ‘radio station’ is to click onto the excellent free service at Pandora, a spinoff from the Music Genome Project which has analysed thousands of examples of popular and easy listening music. Just type in a favourite artist or song and pandora creates a ‘radio playlist’ for you, then plays it over your computer.

And there's a truly enormous range of stations on For example, Brass Band Radio plays what it says on the tin but you only have to type in the kind of music you like and it will find somebody, somewhere playing it.


  1. it makes me smile to think of all the people developing their own unique routines ... it's like, internet radio offers us flexibility but actually doing something at a regular time is often what we really want. I never read the proper news over the weekend - I always wait till Monday before tackling the main papers. Somehow, Monday lunchtime seems the appropriate moment to mull over the evils of the world - well more appropriate than over Sunday lunch. I like the idea of you listening to Lucie Skeaping's Sunday ramblings as your regular Tuesday slot etc!

  2. That's the flexible beauty of shedworking!