Friday, October 01, 2010

Building a garden office near a river

Many thanks to everybody who responded to the question about building a garden office or shed near a river earlier in the week. Peter Ilsley of Swift Foundations got in touch and sent photos (pictured above) of units sat on their stilt system which he points out may be useful to people who intend to build on a flood zone or near to water. Meanwhile, Lynn Fotheringham of InsideOut Buildings (Lynn wrote the section on planning permission in the Shedworking book) also emailed to say that her company knows about building garden offices next to rivers and would be happy to talk to potential customers about their experience.

I also had a Twitter conversation with @fergycool aka Chris Lindley whose garden office build we followed last year in some detail. His office is about 30m away from the river at the end of his garden but he is planning a second one just 10m away: it will be built by Cambridge-based garden office supplier Myspace but Chris recommends that anybody attempting this kind of build within a few metres of the bank should contact the Environment Agency first. You can follow Chris' progress on his excellent blog Riverview which would also be of interest to anyone renovating their home.
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