Thursday, September 30, 2010

Studio Shed's solar-powered garden office

Colorado-based Studio Shed has teamed up with SolSource to design and install an energy-efficient garden office in the backyard of Gail Siegel’s home in Lafayette, Colorado, where she runs a jewellery business (specialising in precious metals). The move to shedworking is a particularly interesting one since Gail's work requires working with fire but on the other hand Gail’s home is a 100-year-old timber-frame miner’s cottage which is not conducive to flammable projects. Here's what she said:
"I spent 18 months thoroughly weighing my options between renting a space for $500-$600/month, selling my home which I love and purchasing a larger home or building a backyard shed."

There are lots of ecofriendly elements to the build (FSC timber, low-VOC paint, etc), but what's most intriguing about this 14’ x 10’ x 9’ garden office is its solar power. SolSource custom designed and installed a solar system to fit the 11’x 16’ studio roof: the 9’ high pitched roof is outfitted with a 1.9 kilowatt system featuring eight 235-watt modules and microinverters that will power both the studio and indeed Gail’s home.
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