Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bosses still wary of homeworkers: survey

More depressing news from the flexible working frontier. SME decision makers are still wary of shedworkers and homeworkers and don’t allow them to work from home despite obvious business benefits, according to research carried out online by YouGov, on behalf of NewVoiceMedia.

According to the results, only 23 per cent of the senior decision makers in SMEs allow all their staff to work from home all the time. Of the respondents who don’t allow their employees to work remotely, the main reason cited (85 per cent) was the need for staff to be physically onsite, while 12 per cent admitted that they simply don’t have the technology required to allow home working. Which suggests they haven't really thought about it much.

More disappointingly, 11 per cent of senior decision makers who don’t allow home working stated that it was because they believed their employees would be less productive with five per cent suggesting their staff couldn’t be trusted to do a full day’s work at home. Again, they just haven't read the productivity surveys. Indeed, the same survey's respondents who are in favour of allowing staff to work from home explained they believed it increased productivity (60%), motivated staff (60%) and allowed for better relationships with their employees (58%).

Jonathan Grant, CEO at NewVoiceMedia, says: “At a time when the technology is available and affordable to all SMEs I can’t believe that so many senior people don’t trust their teams enough to let them work from home, or cite technology as the sticking point. Cloud technology has made it possible for businesses of all sizes to implement flexible and scalable telephony solutions that allow staff to work from home and remain accountable."
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