Thursday, October 14, 2010

Workhubs: next generation workspace for homeworkers

We realise that shedworking isn't for everyone but one of the next best things are coworking spaces or workhubs. The UK’s first online network for people using and running workhubs, a new style of flexible workspace has been launched: Workhubs offer an ‘office when needed’ to home-based businesses, other self-employed professionals and mobile workers - meeting space, bookable rooms, wifi plus often training and business support. They also help users to collaborate and network in a friendly business environment.

"What was striking about our research was the sheer number of people in very different parts of the UK setting up similar operations," said Workhubs Network director Tim Dwelly. "What our workhub entrepreneurs have spotted is the massive rise in the number of people working for themselves, using new technology and fast broadband to run a flexible operation from home or even in coffee shops. They don’t want to commute to a business park, they don’t want to waste their money on power dressing, and they don’t want to rent an office shut off from the world that they’ll leave empty most of the time."

Pictured above is the slightly shedlike workhub Funkbunk in Wing, Leighton Buzzard
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